The Distinctive Approach of Performance United

How is Performance United different? We offer a bespoke tailored, 1 on 1 coaching service. For anyone looking to enhance their sport performance, manage an injury , or improve their body composition

What do we do?

At Performance United, our philosophy intertwines the science of exercise physiology with the art of personal training, resulting in a unique, client-focused experience. Here, we delve deeper into our three key specialties: sports performance enhancement, body composition improvement, and injury rehabilitation.

Sports Performance Enhancement

In the realm of sports performance, our approach is grounded in the latest scientific research and methodologies. Understanding that every athlete is unique, we tailor programs to enhance specific performance metrics. This might involve improving endurance, strength, speed, or agility, depending on the athlete’s sport and position. Our exercise physiologists employ advanced techniques and technologies to optimize training, ensuring that each athlete can perform at their peak while minimizing the risk of injury.

Improvements in Body Composition

Our expertise in body composition is focused on achieving a healthy, sustainable transformation. Whether the goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or a combination of both, our programs are designed with a deep understanding of nutritional science and metabolic processes. We recognize that body composition goals are not just about aesthetics but about overall health and well-being. Therefore, our strategies are holistic, ensuring that changes are not only effective but also maintainable in the long term.

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation at Performance United is a comprehensive process. We blend therapeutic exercise with functional training to not only rehabilitate injuries but also to prevent future occurrences. Our exercise physiologists work closely with clients, understanding the nuances of their injuries and the demands of their daily activities or sports. The rehabilitation programs are not only about recovery; they’re about empowering clients to return to their pre-injury level of activity, or even surpass it, with enhanced strength and resilience.

The One-on-One Approach

Central to our ethos is the one-on-one coaching model. Clients interact directly with our exercise physiologists in a private studio setting, allowing for undivided attention and a program that evolves in real-time with their progress.

Comprehensive Initial Assessment and Tailored Programming

Each journey at Performance United begins with a detailed initial consultation. This session is crucial for setting the foundation of a personalized program, aligned perfectly with individual goals and physical capabilities.

Progressive Support and Reassessment

Our commitment extends beyond initial assessments. We continuously support, adjust, and reassess programs to ensure alignment with evolving goals and achievements.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Performance United is synonymous with excellence. Our singular focus is on providing an exceptional experience, underscored by a relentless commitment to helping our clients achieve and exceed their fitness aspirations.

In summary, Performance United stands as a beacon of personalized, scientific fitness training, where every client’s goal is met with unmatched expertise and dedication.

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