Performance United: More Than Just Average Personal Trainers

Performance United offers one-on-one coaching with a team of exercise physiologists specializing in weight management, injury rehab, and sports performance. Our bespoke services start with comprehensive assessments, including range of motion testing, movement analysis, and injury screening, to create personalized programs. Unlike average trainers, we provide science-backed, tailored support, ensuring optimal results. All sessions are health fund claimable. Join us to experience expert coaching and achieve the best version of yourself.

Who Is a Good Fit for Performance United?

Want to know if you are a good fit for us? Let us tell you about our values and what we look for in our clients to ensure synchronisity and progression toward your goals.

The Distinctive Approach of Performance United

How is Performance United different? We offer a bespoke tailored, 1 on 1 coaching service. For anyone looking to enhance their sport performance, manage an injury , or improve their body composition


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